What is EOS RAM and why do I need it?

You can think of EOS as an operating system for your decentralized applications. Just like a normal computer, EOS needs RAM to function. Many actions on EOS require small amounts of RAM. If you run out of RAM, or just want to buy a little bit more to make sure you're not running out, you can use this site to buy some more RAM.

Account using more than allotted RAM usage

If you get the error message Account using more than allotted RAM usage or messages like account has insufficient ram; needs 8192 bytes has 4096 bytes, that means you are out of RAM. You can use this site to buy more RAM for your EOS account.

Buy RAM for your EOS Account

After successful payment you will be redirected back here, we will buy that RAM for you and credit it to your account. If you have any questions, please visit our Telegram group

For normal account use, 10-20KB is usually enough. For smart contracts, you might need between 200KB and up to 1000KB, depending on complexity.