EOS Account Permission Updater

If you registered your EOS ERC-20 tokens prior to the EOS main net launch, then you will have been given a randomly generated EOS account name as part of the genesis snapshot.

The name may look something like this: ggdegdjraklj

Genesis accounts were not given an Active Key, only an Owner Key so your Owner and Active Key will use the same Public and Private Key Pair.

Benefits of having an Active Key

Instead of using your Owner Key to sign transactions and interact with EOS based dAPPs, you can use your Active Key instead. This provides you with an additional layer of security.

If your Active Private Key ever gets compromised, then you can use your Owner Key to override it and revoke any previous permissions you granted your Active Key.

You can use this service (for free) to add a new Active Key to your EOS account as well as revoke and replace a compromised Active Key and change it to another (new) Active Key.

You will never have to expose your Owner Private Key ever again - not even to your wallet. Just use your Active Key instead. You can use your Active key to engage with wallets, dapps and sign everyday transactions on EOS.

Benefits of having a Voting-Only Key

A voting-only key can be used only for one thing: block producer voting. It cannot be used to transfer EOS tokens or any other function other than voting. That means if your voting-only private key gets stolen, your funds remain safe.

*Always Keep ALL Your Private Keys Safe

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Do not touch, if you do not want to create a voting-only permission. Voting-only permissions can only be used to vote, not to transfer tokens.
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